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Murrumbeena Cricket Club

From the Collection of Glen Eira Historical Society 965 Glen Huntly Rd Caulfield Victoria

David Hardham MURRUMBEENA CRICKET CLUB HISTORY (1890-2005), thirty-four pages printed from computer of the history of the Club, with photographs and accounts of major players and figures, dated January 2005., David Hardham, MURRUMBEENA CRICKET CLUB HISTORY, fifteen pages printed from computer of the history of the Club, dated October 2002. No photographs. Also includes a computer disc, submitted by David Hardham, with the text of the 2002 history, and photograph of THE PETER ROBERTSON OVAL sign, Large and small black and white photocopies of photograph of THE PETER ROBERTSON OVAL sign, with persons standing underneath, no date but possibly from late 1930s, Collection of EPHEMERA TO ADD TO MURRUMBEENA CRICKET CLUB’S FILE, THEIR CENTENARY CELEBRATIONS, 21/11/2010. Includes invitation to attend dinner, with information about payment options and sales of club memorabilia., Murrumbeena Cricket Club, Inc Annual Report, Season 2002-2003, foutry-eight page pamphlet with historical lists of office bearers, and results of matches in 2002-2003. Includes lists of RECORDED NOTABLE PERFORMANCES, FROM SEASON 1945-55 by John Dennis, Club Historian, ‘BEENA QUINELLA clipping from Caulfield/Port Phillip Leader, 17/05/2010, an recent match, SEVEN UP FOR POYAS AS SAINTS HAVE THEIR WAY WITH MORDI, clipping from Caulfield/Port Phillip Leader, 24/05/2011, includes recent match by Murrumbeena, and VAMPIRES RISE, SAINTS DRAINED, clipping from Caulfield/Port Phillip Leader, 31/05/2011, notes that MURRUMBEENA HAD THE BYE., Paul Amy, IT’S BEENS TOP TON, clipping from Caulfield/Port Phillip Leader, 16/11/2010, article on forthcoming Club 100th Anniversary Dinner, with photograph of Club STALWARTS David Hartham, Don McDermott and Leigh Hardham., Paul Amy, SIR DONS LAST STAND, clipping from Caulfield/Port Phillip Leader. 13/03/2012, on Don McDermott, member of the Club for sixty years, includes photograph, PORT’S DAY KIN FINDS FORM WITH CLASSY CENTURY, from Glen Eira/Port Phillip Leader, 06/11/2012, includes recent match by Murrumbeena against Chelsea, Brad Beitzel, WICKETS FALL BUT PORT STILL A CHANCE, clipping from Glen Eira/Port Phillip Leader, 26/02/2013, notes recent match by Murrumbeena against Cheltenham, FOUR DAY MATCH SHOULD YIELD A RESULT, clipping from Glen Era/Port Phillip Leader, 19/03/2013, notes loss in match by Murrumbeena to Brighton District
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