Historical information

These films depict local scenes such as Childers Cove, Warrnambool Breakwater, Thunderpoint and Port Campbell. The other films depict events such as the 1974 Merri Flood and the demolition of the Woollen Mill chimney


All these films provide historical, artistic and social views of the district.

Physical description

Eight reels of 8 mm film depicting local scenes and events. Most are shot in colour.

Inscriptions & markings

Warrnambool events and locations. Wangoom Primary School (4 reels) Flooded Merri Woodford 1974 (1 reel) Warrnambool Breakwater, Thunderpoint, Port Campbell(1 reel) Childers Cove(1 reel) Woollen Mill Chimney Demolition(1 reel)