Historical information

Tourist brochures have been produced in Warrnambool since the 1890s and this one has been published by the Warrnambool Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Some of the photographs for this brochure come from the Warrnambool Standard newspaper and the information on the car tours was provided by the Warrnambool Tourist Information Centre. Tourism in the Warrnambool region has always been of major importance to the town/city and a local Chamber of Commerce or Tourists’ Association has been active in the area for over 100 years. Today the official tourist guides are produced by the Warrnambool City Council.


This brochure is a good example of local tourism promotion in the 1970s and will also be useful for display.

Physical description

This is a small booklet (1975) containing 39 pages. It has local Warrnambool advertisements, maps, photographs, printed material and details of 9 tours that tourists could take by car around Warrnambool. The pages are stapled. The front cover has a blue-tinged image of a surf boat patrol and the back cover has a black and white photograph of Warrnambool’s beach. There is one loose page with a summary of the tourist spots in Warrnambool and a map.

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover: ‘For the Time of Your Life – Warrnambool’.