Historical information

Commercial realities and bushfires caused the Beech Forest community to re-establish itself around the railway station, away from Gardner Hill. This caused John W. Gardner to subdivide his land on the north side of the railway station. One subdivision was created near the Ditchley railway station on the old racecourse site, and another of 25 allotments forming what became Southorn Street. There were very few takers for these lots nor any buyers for the Ditchley subdivision.

Physical description

Photocopy. 260mm x 159mm. An advertisement for the sale of the Ditchley Park Estate, Beech Forest. Under instructions from Mr. J.W. Gardner Dalgety & Co. Ltd. will sell the subdivision of the Ditchley Park Estate on Tuesday, March 30, 1909, at 2 o'clock. A map of Beech Forest township and the Ditchley Park Estate is attached, as are the terms of sale and a description of the area..