Historical information

Family members are from right to left:
Alfred George NIGHTINGALE (b.1885; d.1946)
John NIGHTINGALE (b. 1853; m1878; d.1943)
Emma Augusta THOMPSON (b. 1859; d.1949)

Alfred George Nightingale (b.1885; d.1946) was a well known nurseryman who after working for Nobelius Nurseries started Nightingale Nursery in Avonsleigh near Emerald. The nursery specialised in fruit trees and general nursery stock


Nightingale Nursery

Physical description

Copy of photograph of Nightingale Family, mid 1930's pasted on cream card

Inscriptions & markings

Front: Handwritten Nightingale Family, mid 1930's
Back: Mr. and Mrs. Nightingale and Family