Historical information

It is thought the signs were used for Ballarat's Gold Centenary in 1851.

Physical description

Seven window signs by Keith Rash painted onto wallpaper. The signs were designed to sit in shop windows to tell the history of the shop of company.

Inscriptions & markings

.1) In 1862 Eurgene Bourdet conducted the "Imperial Dining Rooms" here. Board 20/- Board & Lodging 25/- week
.2) On 16th Feb. 1853 at the Government Land Sale, Mr C.N. Thorne purchased this area. In 1893, R. Ludbrook used this property as Auction Rooms.
.3) McArtney & aldred first occupied these premises in 1856. There were coachbuilders.
.4) From the Single Storeyed wooden building once her J.P. Clarke operated as a carrier until 1865. Welsh & Surplice took over as Estate Agents until 1870.
.5) Dr James Stewart built this property H.G. Harrison, 1957. J.C. Proctor 1862, John Stokes 1865, were chemists here. In 1856 The Savings Bank commenced here. W.H. Pooley, actuary
.6) Wm Moss, tinsmith, occupied this site in 1865. Thos. Freeman,a uctioneer in 1882.
.7) Doig & Cant. Gasfitters & Plumbers came here from Main Road in 1866. After 38 years A. Cant removed 2 doors further north
.8) In 1871, This part was the shop of Wm Moss, tinsmith & plumber