Historical information

Until 1925 Beech Forest saw three trains or six train movements each day, from 6.50,am until 3.05 pm, and the railway personnel reflected this movement. A Station Master, porter, goods clerk, train crew, engine cleaner and track gang were employed. While economic activity slowed a little bit after this it still remained vigorous for another three years. However, the frequency of goods trains started to decrease from 1926 when the small NA class locomotives were partly replaced by a Garratt engine that had greater hauling power. Three regular train services continued to run each day, two of these being NA drawn and the other a Garratt train.

Physical description

B/W. Beech Forest Railway Station, a group of two men and a single man standing outside. On No.2 Road an NA locomotive, the single man watching. On No.3 Road a line of NQR open wagons.