Historical information

The Percy Uebergang family lived at Tooram Park, Allansford from 1912 until 1992. Their children were twins, Ray and Joyce born in 1926 and lived at Tooram Park until their deaths, Ray in 1986 and Joyce in 1992.
This children's picture book is part of the collection of items given into the care of the Cheese World Museum. The book belonged to Joyce Uebergang, daughter of Percy and Myrtle Uebergang.
Uebergang catalogue No.M7

Physical description

This children's book has a red cardboard cover with a picture of a boy and girl on a tricycle and the title Away We Go in beige and green print. The back cover has an advertisement for Brown & Polson's Corn Flour.

Inscriptions & markings

Joyce Uebergang [on back cover]