Historical information

Kraft-Walker Cheese Company commenced in Allansford in 1935 leasing the factory premises from Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory Company. Dairy companies entered competitions organised by the Dairy Industry Association and associated organisations and local agricultural societies to encourage improvement in products. Some of these awards are considered prestigious and highly regarded within the industry.
The certificates were passed to Cheese World Museum by the factory management.

Physical description

A blue background full colour certificate and a cream cartouche with a darker banner across it and the insignia of the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria; in the lower right hand corner of this section is the Australian coat of arms; around this are grasses, grapes and wheat. On the left hand side and across the bottom are images in various shapes. The circular image on the top shows a Royal coat of arms; below are two gold medals featuring a female and a laurel wreath; underneath is an image of two black sheep and a blue ringed circle has two sheep with blue ribbons around their necks standing in front of a wooden fence. Along the bottom are three images -first a black riding horse together with a brown shire horse in harness; second a horse drawn harvester; third a brown prize bull.

Inscriptions & markings

Gold Medal/Royal Melbourne Dairy Show/1997/WARRNAMBOOL MILK PRODUCTS P/L/Class 127/Exhibit 165/EXCELLENCE IN AGRICULTURE