Historical information

On 24 March 1962 the special train marking the closure of the Colac-Beech forest railway line was again put on by the Australian Railway Historical Society, this time called the "Bye-Bye Beechie". It had G42 as the locomotive, eight NBH excursion carriages with NC guard's vans at either end, pulling a crowd of keen passengers. Special excursion trains until mid-1962.

Physical description

Colour. G42 locomotive inscribed "Australian Railway Historical Society, Bye-Bye Beechie, 24-3-62", an NC guard's van, eight NBH excursion carriages and another NC guard's van on No.2 Road at Beech Forest Railway Station, with dismounted passengers all around. On No.4 Road a number of loaded or semi-loaded NQR wagons and an NUU louvre van, with a truck, a car, and a van at the end of the row. A parked red truck in the foreground is next to a timber stack.