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Vapouriser, Endotracheal, Ether - Australian Army Endotracheal Ether Apparatus

From the Collection of Geoffrey Kaye Museum of Anaesthetic History ANZCA House 630 St Kilda Road Melbourne Victoria

Round metal tray with round ether apparatus inside consisting of an ether sight glass indicator, oxygen bypass, control tap and trap bottle. There are three rubber hoses, two red and one black.
15.5 x 25 x 25
Object Registration
geoffrey kaye, vapouriser, royal army medical corps, ether, endotracheal, prototype, blowover, world war ii, wwii, ww2
Historical information
Dr Geoffrey Kaye worked as an adviser to the Director-General of Medical Services, Australian Infantry Forces during the inter-war years. During this time he developed an ether vapouriser specifically for the Army. This is the prototype designed and made by Dr Kaye during 1939.
When Made
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3 Mar 2017 at 10:09AM