Historical information

Leonard John Hudson was born in Prahran and moved to Castlemaine in his early years At the beginning of the war was refused entry to the services due to his "reserved occupation" as a motor mechanic working on farm machinery At night he worked as a machinist for Thompson's Foundry machining breech blocks for 25 pound field guns. (image) Eventually he was granted enlistment into the R.A.A.F. into 7 Airfield Construction Squadron as a Leading Aircraftsman 156990 and was sent to Milne Bay with the unit to build the air strip.As one of few diesel mechanics he was often required to assist the US troops with their maintenance problems at various sites in or near New Guinea.


Rare surviving images of 7 ACS newsletter

Physical description

Hand coloured photograph of L. J. Hudson in RAAF tropical uniform 1944
Copies of the "Spruiker" Magazine illustrations from August 1945 published at Milne Bay by 7ACS (7th Airfield Construction Squadron)
Photograph of 25lb. Field Gun at Thompsons Foundry
Pages from Photo Album showing L. J. Hudson in uniform at Castlemaine (one with his wife R. J. Hudson ) and at Milne Bay