Historical information

This letter and photograph illustrates the broad social circle of Henry Gaucheron Hall Jnr and Olive Hall (nee Duncan), who was a member of the Ladies Harbour Lights Guild. The photograph affords a view of a ship's deck, circa 1938.
Irwin (family name unknown), is writing about his camera and sends one photograph as an example. He's also writing about the trip on the ship.


This is a photograph of social and historic significance, being part of a sub-collection of material that provides a snapshot of the type of individuals involved in the Ladies Harbour Lights Guild and the activities carried out by that organisation.

Physical description

Envelope with hand written address in ink, to H Hall Esq. Postmarked April 1938.
Letter hand written in ink dated 30.04.1938 adorned with the Waldorf Historia crest (New York), signed by Irwin. The letter mentions Olive and has a photograph enclosed.
Small photograph of ship's deck and two crew inscribed in same ink with "Roy's best Love".

Inscriptions & markings

Waldorf Historia letterhead