Historical information

Albert E. Dorling was the Instructor in Printing at the Ballarat Technical Art School in 1933. The art school was a division of the Ballarat School of Mines.

The objectives of Typographical Instruction at the Ballarat Technical Art School was to develop an appreciation of art in printing; to create and foster a wholesome respect for books; to develop a justifiable pride in persona achievement; to broaden the educational and social outlook; to broaden the field of vocational choice; to prepare for effective entrance into the printing trade; to give mastery of many of the principles of design; to help in forming habits of accuracy, thoroughness, neatness and industry; to give opportunity to turn out a product of use, beauty and value; to cultivate appreciation of the value of co-operation and service; to aid in mastery of other school subjects,particularly English; to provide an appropriate instructional medium for pupils whose constructive instincts desire this method of expression; to provide experience which will show the practical application and value of academic subjects.

Physical description

Coloured soft covered book bound with a brown ribbon. It is a book of specimens of work by the students attending the Typography Classes at the Ballarat Technical Art School under the instruction of Albert Dorling.

Illustrations include: Ariel [sic] View from Art School by Fred Longhurst, 1932

Other work includes Bickart's Diamond Shop, Lydiard Street Methodist Choir, South Street Competitions, Allambee Guest House, Buninyong Lodge, Ballarat Journalists' Association, Thornton Studios, Harry Davies, Harry Brown & Co., Nautilus Corsets, Toti dal Monte, Symmons Flower Shop, Ritz Club, Ballarat Symphony Orchestra, Ladies' Art Association