Historical information

Strampp lived and worked at Clifton Pugh's artist colony Dunmoochin from 1980 to 1985. 'Into the Night' is Strampps' "own marriage painting". The wedding dress and horse, "a symbol of virility and passion" represents Strampp and the background landscape was inspired by her stay in Somerset, England. The cliff edge on the left symbolises "an audacious step into the future." The painting "is of a bride, passionate yet absent, about to embark upon a new journey in life, and of the voyage ahead. It is about acknowledging the past, and having the courage to move forward. To take risks". Strampp was largely influenced by both the new German Neo-Expressionists of the time and by English artist John Walker, which is evident in this painting. Her work took on popular stylistic trends and themes of the time, which included a painterly aesthetic and an energetic application of the medium, which transferred to an emotional and or personal connection to subject matter that was communicated symbolically.


Strampp is an artist of national significance. This work encompasses themes and a style of painting (Neo - Expressionism) that was prevalent during the time of its making in the eighties. This work represents a transition from Strampp's highly regarded early paintings of heroic horses in the mid to late 1980’s to her highly regarded paintings of contemporary wedding and/or armour-like bodices dresses of the 1990s. Both the 'horse' and 'dress' were often set in empty backgrounds or dreamy/foreboding landscapes.

Physical description

Painted in oil on linen (x2) in a 'Neo-Expressionist' style, 'Into the Night' depicts a ghostly white horse to the right of the painting looking away from a ghostly white wedding dress to the left of the painting. The dress has sprouted white wings and is adorned with bows on the bottom edge of the dress and roses on the sleeves. The dress seems full bodied although there is no figure. The dress and horse are placed in the foreground on a stage like platform with a white curtain framing the picture to the right, and a black ladder and brown cliff edge framing the picture to the left. The background depicts a foreboding and dark cloudy sky and seascape with a firery red landscape burning on the horizon.

Inscriptions & markings

Signed low right (1988.7b VA) with brush in purple (light) 'Adriane Strampp 87'.