Historical information

Surveyed by Robert Allan under the direction of the Secretary of Mines.

Physical description

Rectangular plan showing placement of mines in 1889. Mines include Hick's and Gilpin's lease, Comstock, Melbourne Company, Victoria United, Speedwell Company, New Normanby, Pasha Surprise, Central Sulieman, West Llanberris, Britannia United, Victoria Unites, Clinton's, Orient Company, North Sulieman, Sulieman Extended, Pasha Surprise, Golden Fountain, Prince regent, Clark and Company, Tinworth, North Woah Hawp, Detering, R.A. Thompson, Dazelles and buchanan, Barnett, Braybrook, Ladt Cornwall, Hanthorne, Dalzelles and gay, Southern Cross, M. Acheson, Cricket Reserve