Historical information

During World War II the Japanese attacked New Britain soon after the outbreak of hostilities in the Pacific Ocean. During January 1942, Japanese heavily bombed Rabaul. On 23 January, Japanese marines landed by the thousands, starting the Battle of Rabaul. The Japanese used Rabaul as a heavy base until 1944; it served as the key point for the failed invasion of Port Moresby (May to November, 1942) Note: these photos are incorrectly labelled as Nth. Britain Photograph of "OIRE LUNG " airfield is in fact "WUNUNG, JACQUINOT BAY, NEW BRITAIN, 1945-08-28. A FULL PARADE OF 37/52 INFANTRY BATTALION AND 29/46 INFANTRY BATTALION, BOTH OF 4 BRIGADE, WAS HELD ON WUNUNG AIRSTRIP. THIS PARADE WAS TO PREPARE TROOPS FOR A PARADE TO BE HELD ON 1945-09-03. SHOWN, 37/52 INFANTRY BATTALION PRESENTING ARMS." Airstrip was maintained by 1 ACS

Physical description

Photo Album 360 Pocket "Photo Safe" divided for cataloguing purposes into 4 sections. Section 1 Recent Colour Photos of RSL and commemoration services Section 2 Black and white photos of earlier commemoration services, Section 3 WWII photos mainly of New Britain 1945, Section 4 Early photos of Memorabilia display.