Historical information

Ballarat School of Mines Students' Magazine was a Students' Association magazine. The president was G.N. Hart and the 1964 editors were Kelvin Whitford and Armand Krastins. The cover was designed by Colin Jellet. Advertising was obtained by Jon McDonald and Peter Smith. Active collaborators were John Costa, Ken Delany, Roger Lonsdale, John Byrne and Bobby Ong Gim Sen.

Harry Arblaster retired in 1964 as the Principal of the Ballarat School of Mines, and E.J. Barker was appointed in his place. The Vice-Principal was H.J. Trudinger

Physical description

Yellow/orange soft covered book of 96 pages.

Articles include: Initiation, The creative Personality, Folk Singing by the Miners, SMB Silent Movies Inc., Red Roar and the Commie Threat, Paleopyrology, Conventional Wisdom, B-Day, The Malaysian Student in Australia, Moral Heresy, Sport, The Past and the Future?, The Possibility of Fusion Power, School Council, Members of Staff, list of full time diploma students.

Those who had diplomas conferred were listed, as were the prize winners.

Snippets: D.M. Pollard won the R.W. Richards Medal; John Costa was SRC Secretary, Jon McDonald was SRC President

Images are named and include student activities

Advertisement include: Ronaldson Brothers and Tippett; Electrolytic Zinc Company, Myers, Mount Isa Mines, Austaluco Aluminium, Owen's of Ballarat, Alexandria Tea Rooms, Roy Brack's Men's Wear, Lamanz, A.J. William Electrical Instruments, H.B. Selby, M.G. Taylor, T.J. Coutts, Ballaarat Gas Company, H.A. Davis Motor Service, Henderson-Palmer, Coca-Cola, Philps Electrical Industries, the Wattle, Eclipse Motors, BHP, M.B. John & Hattersley, Sheffield's Record Bar, Andrew Gault, Tait Book Company, Broken Hill Associated Smelters, Ballarat Colour Centre, Morsheads, Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation, J.J. Mortimer, Ewins, Gallery 321, J.a. Hoskin