Historical information

The editor of the Ballarat School of Mines Students' Magazine for 1963 was T. Brauer. The President of the SRC was R. Coutts.

The Eric McGrath Award is given to the student who distinguishes themselves in extra-curricular activities, with special emphais on work concerned with the Revue and School Magazine. The winner was selected by the executive of the Students' Representative Council.

Physical description

Orange soft covered booklet of 104 pages.

Articles include: King Island, Look Back in Wonder, Journey into Darkness, The Sensible Enemy, Strictly for Girls, The pH Factor, Diploma Conferring Ceremony, Diplomas Conferred, Personality Tests and the Individual, Poison to Poison SMB Students' Revue, In Search of Truth, Gliding With the Birds, Income Tax, Newtonian Observations Extended, Friends, The Idealist View of Life, Rustling Rags, Where Mankind Has Failed, Sports report, School Council and Members of Staff listing, Roll Call,

Images Include: Bob Coutts, Paul Pusari, Tony Brauer, Jemi Milbourne, Kerry Penna, Brian McLennan, Bob Grubb, John Davis, Netta Walta, Kevin Brady, Oscar Rogers, Kuo Yiew See, S. White, Anne Morrehouse, Gerry Liston, Bob Coutts, Gary Robert, Ray Megee, Pater Smith, Daila Berzins, Tony Brauer, Bob Grubb, Peter Donaldson, Don Yates

Snippets include: Tony Brauer won the Eric McGrath Award; The R.W. Richards Medal was won by K.A Sculley in 1962.