Historical information

The photographic developers were used to develop plates, films and lantern slides. They had to be mixed as per instructions on the bottles. These may have been used by an individual or by a local school or organisation.


Wilma Davies, a long term resident of the Kiewa Valley, donated this photographic equipment.

Physical description

1 brownish/black cardboard box with hinged lid at top. Label is black, white & orange on front & across top of lid. This label continues down the sides and was a seal. The box contains: 3 clear glass cylinders with white markings used to measure 1 cc of liquid, showing 5cc and 10cc. Also: 1 brown glass, rectangular shaped bottle "Kodak Amidol" 1 ounce nett. It has a black plastic screw lid, a white label on 3 sides with black & orange print. Also: x2 round brown glass bottles with a sealed orange rubber(?) over tin(?) sealed (screw?) lids. Label "Johnson Colourform Developer "A" solution" all around with white label on the front and "Activol" and 'Caution' on the back all in black and orange print.

Inscriptions & markings

Johnson Colourform Outfit on box. White marks showing 1cc on glass cylinders and 5cc and 10cc. "Kodak Amidol" etc. on 1 bottle "Johnson Colourform developer "A" Solution on 2 bottles.