Historical information

The Publications Committee were Ken McDougall, Kath Hayes, Brian Haig, Sue Tucker, heather Bell, Dawn Brown, Ian george, elizabeth Lemmon, Janette Leviston, Leah Harwood, Tony scanlon. Mal Wordsworth. Ian Walshe. The Year Book Committee were Carmel Keys, Judy Krahe, Jill Mayo, and Mr Ryan was the staff representative.

The Students' representative council for 1959 were J. O'Neill, I. Ferguson, I. Jenkins, E.Davies, B. Matthews, M. Robinson, R. Cummings, B. Vandenberg, N. Wright, D. McKimmie, K. McDougall, D. Eldridge, N. Beacham, K. Ryrie, J. Rae and D. Wise.

The social committee comprised R. Power, G. Briggs, D. Ryan, G. Wallace, V. Delbridge, S. Dawe, Miss Lloyd, Mr Bourke, R. Kelly, M. Grey, J. Cadzow, E. Davies, Monica Miller, G. Commons and F. Mason.

Physical description

A black and white soft covered magazine of the Ballarat Teachers' College. The cover design was by Doug Sheen.

Articles include: education in North Borneo, Webster St Hostel, Gillies Street Girls Hostel, Victoria Street Hostel, Camp Street Hostel, Gillies Street Boys Hostel, Ex-Students' association, The Joys of caravaning, How to Spend One's Leisure, Ideas from the Design Club, Faces Behind the Wheel, Life's Bitterness, Characterization, Such is Life.