Historical information

In 1958 the Ballarat Teachers' College moved to a new site in Gillies Street.

The 1958 Students' Representative Council were M. Hines, B. Rickard, D. Eldridge, N. Turnball, B. English, K. O'Neill, P. Burgess, M. Almeida, ed Doney, J. Rae, P. Wise, W. Crocker.

The 1958 staff were J. Bourke, A. Linton, Ed Doney, S. McKaskill, Howard Pattenden, D. Chandler, A. Stafford, Bob Croft, Arch Cuthbertson, R. Reed, A. Sonsee, J. Lacy, F. Ryan, C. Rodger, Mary Egan, J. Hill, Tom Turner, Mavis Canty, J. Blair, E. Walpole, Monica Miller

Physical description

Soft covered booklet of 48 pages.

Articles include: Teaching Rounds, Art and Craft, Victoria Street Hostel, Gillies Street Hostel, Grampians Trip, Camp St Hostel Beaufort House, Spring is Spring, A Windy Night, What are Sculptors?

Photographs include: Aerial photograph of the new college in Gillies Street, Students' Representative Council, staff photo, class photos

Inscriptions & markings

Signed on frank cover 'Margaret Brown'.

Signed in back

'Verna Rogers Natimuk'

"Lorna G. Anderson Gold House Riddells B.T.C. 1958"

"E. Joan Bates Lakeside Murtoa Vic"