Historical information

The site specific sculpture is located at the entry to the office of Nillumbik Shire Council. It was commissioned in 1994 by the Shire of Diamond Valley for their 20 year celebration. Baines was chosen from a short list of three artists. He is an internationally renowned artist, particularly in the field of gold and silver smithing.


'Transaction' takes on the visual and aesthetic vocabulary of its surroundings. It is a statement of the geometry and idiosyncrasy of its immediate site. The series of arcs are reinterpreted into longitudinal curves in the sculpture. It is a transaction between the place and the anticipated entry to the building. The title also suggests the flow of civil and administrative procedures that take place daily within the Shire's offices.

Physical description

A large cascading form in stainless steel. Multiple rows of concave dishes set on long steel stems, which progressively increase in size as they rise in height. The work plays elaborately with perspective, and its repeated shapes are arranged in a orderly mathematical series. It faces a wheelchair ramp lined with polished steel rails, and is integrated with the architectural features of its forecourt setting, for which it was designed. The piece is sited in a small garden area and can be viewed from within the building's foyer. In bright sunlight, its dish-shapes cast elliptical shadows across walkways and lawns.

Inscriptions & markings