Historical information

Kerosene irons were used c1930 - 1950 especially where electricity wasn't available. Shelite was another fuel that could be used instead of kerosene.
The advantage of the kerosene iron was that it didn't require a stove to be lit (especially in summer) to heat the iron and it didn't require electricity.


Residents in the Kiewa Valley used kerosene irons.

Physical description

This black iron is made of cast iron with a steel base and a black wooden handle. This Comfort iron has a ball shaped container with a screw-on lid to hold the fuel (kerosene or Shelite). At the bottom of this ball is a pipe going down then meeting another pipe at right angles to it leading into the iron. At the pipe junction there is a handle on a screw to limit the amount of fuel. The Kerosene would flow through this pipe. There is a filler plug air stem on top. This is a self-heating iron.

Inscriptions & markings

Comfort iron / Self Heating
Comfort Iron
MFD by / National Stamping and Electric Works / made in U.S.A. Chicago