Historical information

The Otways area of Victoria, at the time of writing, was an underused area for bushwalking. In the past, people have considered these ranges unsuited for walking because of the thick forest cover, cold and muddy conditions for much of the year, and the steep slopes. Some of the perceived difficulties are actually attractions and that it is possible to enjoy them with a forward planning and up-to-date information to guide the walker.The Geelong Bushwalking Club have included some useful but brief articles on basic aspects of bushwalking.

Physical description

Walking the Otways. Track notes compiled by the Geelong Bushwalking Club. Graeme Allen (ed.); John Van Gemert (maps, photographs). 1st ed. Geelong Bushwalking Club; Geelong (Vic); November 1986. 148 p.; illus, maps. Soft cover.