Historical information

Postcard sent to Ballarat College boarder, William L Sloss, by his mother Bernice A Sloss during a visit to Paris with his father in 1929.Its slightly formal phrasing gives insight into parent-child relations of the era.

Physical description

Black and white illustrated postcard; photograph of Paris scene on front; hand-written letter on back and 90p stamp attached;

Inscriptions & markings

Address: Master Bill Sloss / Ballarat College / Ballarat - Victoria / Australia Letter: 21/3/29 / This is just a tiny corner of Paris. It is a very busy city and the taxis and cars make a dreadful noice - far greater noise than in London. Though traffic is just as great - We are having lovely weather to see this beautiful city. We are all well. Hope you are. Daddy is visiting hospital. Love from us all - Your loving mother, Bernice A Sloss.