Historical information

Osborne House was used as a Naval College from 1915-1917 it was served as a Naval Convalescent Hospital, followed by the home of Australia's first submarine fleet (1919-1924) and a training base during WW2.


It is possible this photograph taken in 1920 shows a crew from the submarine fleet. This photograph is historically significant, it represents use of the building by the Navy and was taken onsite at the training facility. The crew and dogs are wearing a variety of clothing suggesting they were performing or having a break from work. This photograph is significant for its connections to Victoria's history of defense and building Geelong's workforce.

Physical description

A black and white photograph showing a crew ashore in May 1920. The photograph has been taken out the front of the stables at Osborne House, Geelong. Photo shows 15 crew members and 3 dogs dressed up. One crew member holds a copy of the Geelong Advertiser in his hands.