Historical information

The Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train (RANBT) was formed of 300 men based initially at Kangaroo Beach on the Gallipoli Peninsula from 1915, during WWI. They built and maintained jetties and were constantly under fire. Some of these men lost their lives and a number were wounded during their 5 months of service here. As a result the RANBT was the most highly decorated unit during WWI. The unit then continued to the Middle East, operating bridges over the Suez Canal before the unit was disbanded (Australian War Memorial online, 2014).


These badges represent a highly specialised and decorated Unit from WWI. The RANBT was made up of 300 men who served in Gallipoli and in the Middle East from 1915-1917. The badges are associated with Australian defense and form significant links to ANZAC history.

Physical description

A pair of brass shoulder titles "NBT" from the Naval Bridging Train attached to paper card. They have a loop shank at the back for fastening.

Inscriptions & markings

"NBT" Naval Bridging Train