Historical information

There is a single record with the RAN for a John Kidd, who commenced service in 1909 and left in 1912. Kidd was born in 1885 in Sydney and his mother lived in Queenscliff. He served on the HMAS Parramatta from 1911-1912. There is no evidence of him having served on the HMAS Melbourne.


Kidd served from 1911-1912 on the HMAS Parramatta, the first ship launched for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

Physical description

A wooden box with mortise and tenon joins, brass fittings, circular handles, silver hinges and a name plate on the front. The box has a lift out section creating compartments. On the inside lid of the box is a postcard of the HMAS Melbourne surrounded by small rope decoration. A number of keepsakes are inside including a fidd for splicing ropes, a Capstan Wills tobacco tin, 3 postcards, a "Bengall Imperial" cut throat razor (T.R. Cadman & Sons, Sheffield England), black and white bakelite buttons with embossed crown and anchor and brass shank (either for war time or junior officers), gold naval buttons with embossed naval anchor and 2 piece shank (from a coat and cuffs), a bullet casing (Webley '45), a petty officers cloth badge (crossed anchors with a Crown), 4 shells, a good conduct badge (black with gold embroidery) and a red/brown vulcanized asbestos fibre fireproof dog- tag with rope attached.

Inscriptions & markings

"John Kidd" on front of box. "20171" stamped on edge of box. Tobacco tin: "Medium/"Capstan"/Registered/Ready Rubbed Fine Cut Tobacco/-1 oz net weight when packed/W.D. & H.O. Wills/(Australia) Ltd., Sydney. Postcard: Main Street, Samarai. Postcard: Sydney from Lavender Bay Kerry (Copyright) Sydney. Postcard: "Docks showing cathedral, Bristol BL 193. Copyright Lilywhite (1932) Ltd, Sowerby Bridge". Buttons: "AUSTRALIA/Y6-298", "Buttons Ltd B'HAM mark trade" "AUSTRALIA Stokes & Son Melbourne". Bullet casing "WEB WRA 45". Dog-Tag may read "L/Ford" written in ink?