Historical information

This album shows a collection of photographs some of which are labelled as Munster Services Club. Some show the Bookshop at the TOC H building. There are photos of soldiers in parade drills and in training exercises as well as social events. One is labelled D Craven & Rab, Munster 1954. Another is labelled London bus 2 RTR Munster. The 2 RTR was a tank regiment in the British Army and was stationed at the Swinton Barracks in Munster from 1952-1959.
There are also a number of loose photos showing local scenes such as London Bridge and Needle Rock at Childers Cove. Others depict floats in a parade showing Peace Woollen Mill. Others are small postcards of MaryBorough and Brisbane Queensland. There is also a photograph of the Nestanglo basketball team, Victorian champions circa 1940’s.


This collection of photographs has limited local relevance as there is limited provenance. However it depicts quite well the activities of the RTR and their activities in Munster in the post WW era.

Physical description

Brown and fawn snake skin patterned card cover with fawn cord binding. Photographs written in gold on front cover. Pages are brown card. Photographs are black and white.

Inscriptions & markings

Munster Services Club.