Historical information

The hat was picked up at sea by a German Sailor serving on the blockade runner RAMSES. It was giver to RAN sailor A. Tarr when HMAS Adelaide rescued survivors after the sinking of the RAMSES.
The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare provided some information about Shigeyoshi Higuchi. He was a sailor but did not serve on a ship. After WWII, he returned safely home to his family.


This hat is significant as a tangible connection to wartime service by Japanese sailor Shigeyoshi Higuchi.

Physical description

A dark blue circular velvet hat lined with black cotton on the inside with four studs. A square label with printed and hand written Japanese characters is attached to the underside of the hat.

Inscriptions & markings

Part of the label has been translated from Japanese into English. It indicates the owner of the hat was Shigeyoshi Higuchi, who was based in Nagasaki Sasebo. His military number was (some kanji) and 1274. The hat was made in April 1943.