Historical information

This quilt was purchased from an op shop in Clifton Hill, Vic. by Lois Densham, a quilter and former member of the Running Stitch group who has an interest in historic Australian quilts.

The quilt has been displayed in NSW, where it was part of an exhibition of Historic Australian Quilts curated by Annette Gero and held at Old Government House, Paramatta between 5 June and 22 August 2000. Initially purchased in Clifton Hill, it originally came from a source in Highton, Geelong.

It is a double bed sized quilt in the classic 'crazy' style with extensive use of herringbone and feather stitching.The pieced style of the quilt, made from squares of patchwork is similar to the style of quilts made by members of the Country Women's Association (CWA). The women sometimes made a quilt as a group activity and Lois suggested that the quilt may have been made by this group.

Physical description

Quilt, rectangular. Made with crazy patchwork in twelve large blocks. The blocks at each corner are fairly regular, whereas the others are full of random pieces. The patches are oversewn with hand embroidered feather stitch in different colours. In the centre there is a block with a maroon cross. Many of the pieces have central 'sprigs' of green embroidery in bullion stitch. The quilt is backed with a blue and green striped fabric.