Historical information

Mrs. Margot Eddy was a member of the Creswick Red Cross Society for over 40 years. Creswick Red Cross was established in 1915 after the outbreak of WWI. Mrs. Eddy received her 40 year bar in 1977; she was President of the Creswick Red Cross for 10 years up to 1975.


Mrs. Margot Eddy's daughter Mrs. Lucia Stephens donated these Red Cross badges and newspaper articles and letter to the Creswick Museum August 2014.

Physical description

10 badges from Mrs. Margot Eddy of Red Cross. a- round metal badge; b- round metal badge; c- rectangle metal badge; d- rectangle metal badge; e- rectangle metal badge;h- round plastic badge on pin g- round metal badge with flourish at base; h- rectangle metal badge; i- red ribbon with oval metal badge at base and rectangle metal piece at top; j- round white plastic badge

Inscriptions & markings

a- on front- Australian Red Cross. Victorian Division - back- 38102; b- front- Australian Red Cross Society - back- Stokes; c- front- Red Cross/ Emergency Service - back- 5177;d- front- Life Member;e- front- Mrs. M. Eddy - back- stokes/melb; f- front- blue ring with white interior and red cross in middle- back- 50c; g- front- Australian Red Cross Society/ Service Award - back- Stokes/Melb.; h- front- Red Cross/ Emergency Service - back- 5178; i- front- Australian/ Red Cross/Society/Twenty Years' Service - back - c / 76/ w. o. luke/ melb.; j- front- white badge with red cross at top/ Mrs. M. Eddy/ Creswick - back - Imprint Plastic/ Myaree, West. Aust.