Historical information

This signature table cloth was anonymously donated to the Bacchus Marsh Blacksmith Cottage and Forge group in 2013. On the cloth are the hand embroidered names of men who served in WW1 as well as the names of family members, place names and dates of significance. In one corner of the cloth is the outline of a tennis ball, in which 6 names are listed. Research has shown that these names probably belonged to the Rose Park Methodist Tennis Club in Adelaide. Many of the other names listed seem to relate to servicemen and their families who came from South Australia. Also on this cloth are 3 beautifully embroidered butterflies, the profile of a man, a crest containing the letters B and H and the following place names and dates :- Sydney 21.10.12, Melbourne Jan 13, Goolwa, Genolan Caves NSW, Katoomba, Luna Park St Kilda and Granite Island. The name of the steamship SS Warilda also appears on this cloth. this ship belonged to the Adelaide Steamship Company. It was used to transport soldiers to WW1 and was then converted into a hospital ship, ferrying the wounded from France to England. It was hit and sank on the 3rd of August 1918.

Physical description

World War 1 signature table cloth.
A square, white, linen table cloth with hand embroidered signatures of people and names of places, dates and objects relating to WW1.The embroidery is all done in white
thread.There are also 3 embroidered butterflies, a crest and a man's profile.