Historical information

The Geelong Harbour Trust (GHT) was formed in 1905. This seal was used by the Trust Commissioner from 1909-1981 for impressing official documents. It's use was strictly controlled and dictated by the Regulations as contained in the Geelong Harbor Trust Annual Report from 1909.

"The common seal of the Commissioner shall be kept under lock and key. Two locks shall be kept by the Chairman of Commissioners and the other of which the Secretary shall have a key. A duplicate key of each lock shall be lodged at such Bank as the Commissioner may direct. The common seal shall be used only by order of the Commissioners" (Regulations, Geelong Harbor Trust, Annual Report 1909).

Captain George A. Molland was appointed Harbor Master of the Port (1900-1905) and then Harbor Master of the GHT from 1900-1936 when he retired, aged 88 years. He was replaced by Captain H. Saunders (1936-1950) followed by Captain D.G. Hancox.


The seal is significant for its connections to physical changes made to the Geelong waterfront by the Harbor Trust from 1905. The Official Seal was a highly regarded formal object that was used for nearly 80 years by the Trust. The object is significant for its historic connections to the Harbor Masters and Commissioners who used it as part of official communication from the Trust.

Physical description

A seal used for impressing official stationary from the Geelong Harbor Trust. Object is made of cast iron, brass and steel with a large winding handle, screwed to a wooden board and painted black. Gold decorative paint is on the main body and a small portion of the winding handle.

Inscriptions & markings

"F.J. King/ Maker Melbourne"