Historical information

Lal Lal Falls Reserve contains one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Moorabool Shite. The watefall is part of the on Lal Lal Creek, a tributary of the Moorabool River. and plunges 30 metres from a high basalt column into a deep ravine.

Culturally, the Falls are believed to be the earthly home of Bunjil, the All Father or Creator to most Victorian Aboriginal tribes. The name Lal Lal is thought to be Aboriginal for "dashing of waters". The Lal Lal Falls is listed on the Site Registry of Aboriginal Affairs Victoria as a spiritual place. in 1837 a Government Survey Party led by Frederick D'Arcy documented these Falls on the west branch of the Moorabool River.

On the reserve opposite, a Race Meeting was held on every New Years Day from 1860 until 1938, attracting crowds of up to 20,000 people. A branch Railway Line was constructed from the Lal Lal station to the Racecourse to convey the crowds.

Physical description

Colour photographs of Lal Lal Falls near Ballarat, Victoria.