Historical information

The British Arts and Crafts Movement was a major influence on handcrafts made by the Leviny women at Buda. This Movement spread knowledge of craft techniques in the decorative arts and encouraged women to partake in fields that had traditionally been the domain of men, such as metalcraft and woodwork. The Leviny women studied art, design and craft techniques at the Castlemaine School of Mines from the 1890s to the early 1900s and this boot stool, hand-carved by Gertrude, is an example of the influence of the Arts and Crafts Movement on her decorative art.

See: Zilles, Lauretta (2010), Buda and the Leviny Family, Castlemaine: Buda Historic Home & Garden Inc.


This is a rare example of a unique hand-carved boot stool made in Australia by Gertrude Leviny in the British Arts and Crafts Movement style at the turn of the twentieth century.

Physical description

Timber boot stool, hand-carved by Gertrude Leviny.
Made using the 'chip carving' technique, with dragon heads on upright at one end, and plant design in relief on the seat.
Timber finish has a blackened effect.

Inscriptions & markings

'K/40' (Old Registration Number)