Historical information

This screen with embroidered and appliqued panels was entered in the First Australian Exhibition of Women's Work 1907, at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. This landmark exhibition gave women artists and craft workers an opportunity to display their works to a broad audience and gain recognition for the variety and high standard of the works in both traditional and non-traditional fields for women.
The embroidery and applique design is based on an original design for a similar object made by British Arts and Crafts Architect and Designer, M.H. Baillie-Scott, which was published in The Studio magazine in the early 1900s,


This three-panel draught screen was made by Hilda Leviny in the Arts and Crafts style and entered into the First Exhibition of Women's Work, at the Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne in 1907.

Physical description

Arts and Crafts style three-panel draught screen made from timber(American Oak), linen panels, silk embroidery threads, beaten copper decoration and varnish. The embroidered panels, made by Hilda Leviny, are mounted within the timer framework, depicting a design of birds and trees in the Arts and Crafts style.
Pattern Reg. No. 3227.2 and 2503. With copper decoration.