Historical information

The first Lildale Show Girl competition was held in 1957 as part if the annual Lilydale Show. The Lilydale Shoe had stopped during the war years and reformed in 1954. The show was restarted by John Plant and Lloyd Gill ( owners of the Lilydale Express)

Physical description

Black and white photograph of the five women who won the highest places in the First Lilydale Show Girl competition in 1957. The winner of the competition, Robyn Hoyland is pictured centre, second prize, Susan Mandel is pictured to the far right, third place is Faye Hart, who is standing second from from right. Fourth place is Leslie knee, second from left and fifth place is Lynette McDonald who is standing far left.

Inscriptions & markings

Verso: Inscribed in blue biro ink, u.r. '1st Lilydale Showgirl Comp. / 1957 / SUSAN MANDEL 2ND / FAY HART 3RD / ROBIN HOYLAND 1ST / LESLIE KNEE 4TH / LYNETTE MCDONALD 5TH