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From the Collection of Tennis Australia Melbourne Park Olympic Boulevard Melbourne Park Melbourne Victoria

A stemless wooden racquet, featuring an open, three-pronged throat connecting the head directly to the handle. Head, and outer prongs are reinforced by fibreglass bands, decorated with green and gold ribbon strips. Upper inside of outer prongs also reinforced with fibreglass strips. Inscription across the base of the head, on obverse: GREEN. Manufacturer's trademark decal features at central prong on obverse. Decal inscription on the outside of right prong features worldwide patents. Decal inscription on outside of left prong: HAZELL'S STREAMLINE/REGD. & PATENTED. Company monogram on butt cover. Decal inscription across base of head on reverse: FINNIGANS/LTD./SPORTS DEPT./LONDON & MANCHESTER. Materials: Wood, Gut, Leather, Metal, Ink, Glue, Lacquer, Ribbon, Fibreglass
Object Registration
When Made
Circa 1937
Last updated
3 Mar 2017 at 10:11AM