Physical description

Two part (bottle & lid) glazed ceramic trophy for 'CLINT EASTWOOD/INVITATIONAL/CELEBRITY TENNIS/TOURNAMENT'. Trophy is also a bottle of Beam whiskey, as per label on base: 'BEAM/100 MONTHS OLD/KENTUCKY BOURBON WHISKEY/86 PROOF/ BOTTLED BY JAMES B. BEAM DISTILLING CO. CLERMONT- BEAM, KENTUCKY'. Sticker on front stating:'OKLAHOMA/LIQUOR TAX PAID/12 GALLON'. Text on rear of vessel states: 'PEBBLE BEACH/JULY, 1973'. Text embossed under base states: 'CREATION OF JAMES B. BEAM/DISTILLING CO./KY-DRB-230/GENUINE REGAL CHINA 1973/C.MILLER/REGAL CHINA CORPORATION/145/LIQUOR BOTTLE'. Materials: Ceramic, Cork, Adhesive label