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Photograph - Digital Image - Aqueduct Greensborough

From the Collection of Greensborough Historical Society 34 Glenauburn Road Lower Plenty Lower Plenty Victoria

Digital copy of colour photograph.
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maroondah aqueduct, aqueduct pipe bridge greensborough
Historical information
The Pipe Bridge at Greensborough is a significant and highly visible part of the system. It was constructed to carry the wrought iron aqueduct pipes over the Plenty River. The use of wrought iron meant the pipes were 75% lighter than cast iron, with the bridge construction reflecting this innovation.

Photograph of the Maroondah Aqueduct pipe bridge at Greensborough. The Pipe Bridge is 210 feet long, divided into 4 spans. The main girders are light lattice 11 feet deep and 11 ft 4 inches apart. The bridge carried two wrought iron tubular mains, 53 inches in diameter, supported at intervals by cross girders and chairs, placed between the main girders.
The bridge is carried on braced cast-iron columns, 18 inches in diameter, set on concrete foundations, with a clear headway of 20 feet above the Plenty River. The eastern side of the bridge is reinforced with a bluestone abutment at the river bank.
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