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Pump - Billabong Ram Pump Size #5 Based on available historical data, the Australian-made Billabong Hydraulic Ram is one of the oldest rams produced anywhere in the world The Billabong Hydraulic Ram was first introduced into Australia in 1855 by John Danks and Son Limited, John Danks & Son Pty Ltd began as a plumbing business in 1859, established by brothers John and Samuel. It occupied a prominent site in Bourke Street, Melbourne, for 100 years. The business quickly grew to include factories in Melbourne and Sydney which manufactured and supplied a variety of plumbing and engineering products such as brassware, pumps, windmills and bells. The company was registered in Victoria on 25 January 1889 to continue the hardware manufacturing and supply business founded by brothers John and Samuel Danks in 1859. The head office was based in Bourke Street, Melbourne while another branch was established in Sydney in the 1880s. The company had factories in Melbourne and Sydney. The John Danks and Son Limited catalogue published in 1890, listing Billabong Hydraulic Rams as one of its major machinery products. The catalogue also provides reference to the company’s ram experience and manufacture, beginning by stating that in 1890 they already had 35 years of experience with Billabong Hydraulic Rams. The Hydraulic Ram has stood the test of time and it remains one of the few really practical and efficient uses of natural energy today. It operates without almost any cost, will last indefinitely and, with only two moving parts, is simplicity itself. It requires minimum maintenance and minimum replacement of parts. It is not uncommon to find rams working continuously for many years without any attention. • The Rams do not require electricity, fuel or steam to operate. • They possess simplicity of construction and operation – only 2 moving parts. • Powered only by running water. • Require very minimal or almost no maintenance. • Heavy duty cast Iron base and Dome. This Pump recovered from the Clematis Creek in the Mid 1970's Used to pump water from the creek to the Paradise (Clematis) Hotel.


Historic - Farm Equipment - Used to pump water from the creek to the Paradise (Clematis) Hotel.

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Cast Iron Bronze valve

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