Historical information

Built by Aveling & Porter Ltd., Rochester, Kent, England Builder’s Number 11629 of 1923 Weight 10 Tons Used by the South Melbourne Council in road construction between 1926 and 1963 Aveling and Porter was a British agricultural engine and steam roller manufacturer. Thomas Aveling and Richard Thomas Porter entered into partnership in 1862, developed a steam engine three years later in 1865. The company became the largest manufacturer of steam rollers in the world. Service History : Title: City Surveyor's report Creator: Johnson, A.L Publisher: Prahran City Council Date: 1921 .... The 10-ton steam roller worked 302 days, the Aveling and Porter 12½-ton roller worked 211 days while the Garrett steam wagon continues to carry tar and road materials. city of prahran annual reports 1912-1913 http://www.stonnington.vic.gov.au/files/assets/public/history/city-of-prahran-annual-reports-1912-1913.pdf


Industrial Steam Roller - Road Construction, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Physical description

Aveling & Porter 10 ton Steam Roller with roof and rear tool box

Inscriptions & markings

Builders Number 11629 Aveling & Porter