Historical information

Donor is daughter of a member of Australian armed forces who served during WW2, and was member of garrison at Camp 13 after the war, in 1946. Donor was researching her father's service & obtained at her expense copies of these archives held by the AWM, related to daily activities in the camp during the time that her father was posted at Murchison. Records show, amongst other things, troop (garrison) movements, routine orders, outcomes of disciplinary proceedings.

Physical description

Copies of archival documents obtained from AWM, specifically Australian Army war diaries / intelligence summaries pertaining to Murchison POW group (Camp 13). For periods: 1. Jan-Mar 1946; 2. April-May 1946; 3. Jun-July 1946. Printed A4 pages. 3 separately bound parts. Series number: AWM52; Control Symbol: 8/7/40. Part 1 (Jan-Mar) - 110 pages. Part 2 (April-May) - 171 pages. Part 3 (June-July) - 99 pages.