Historical information

geared steam locomotive
Built by the Lima
Locomotive Works, USA in 1912 (Builder’s Number 2549).
“Class a” 13 Ton (13.3 tonne)
This locomotive hauled freight on the Ali-Shan Forest Railway in Taiwan and is capable of pulling 90 Tons (91.8 tone) loads over steep gradients at low speeds.
This A-type Shay locomotive was built by Lima Locomotive Works, Ohio (builder's number 2549 of 1912) for the Alishan Forest Railway, Taiwan. The Alishan Forest Railway featured a large fleet of Shay locomotives and many still survive, together with a portion of the railway which is now a tourist operation.
Alishan Shay No.14 was imported to Australia for preservation in approximately 1974 and is displayed at the Puffing Billy Museum at Menzies Creek.
Being of 2' 6" gauge, perhaps one day this interesting locomotive could be restored for operation on the Puffing Billy Railway

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Loco: Shay No.14 ( Shop Number 2549 )
Class: A 18-2 ( 2-cylinders / 2-trucks Class A )
Built for: Alishan Forest Railway
Bulit by Lima Locomotive Corporation
In service 22 June 1912
Livery Brown
Samuels, Samuels & Co., Ltd. (D), Taipei, Formosa (Japan); For:
Alishan Forest RY #14, Kirun (Keelung), Formosa, (Japan)
(1945) Alishan Forest RY #14, Keelung (Chilung), Taiwan
(12 Oct 1971) Puffing Billy RY #14, Belgrave, Victoria, Australia
Gauge 30"
Status Preserved - In Storage at Museum
There is only one original LIMA mark left on any of the Alishan RY Shays and it has no number. All of their Shays have been re-built, changing much of the original Lima product. Most were renumbered for various reasons without regard to Lima Shop Numbers over the years.
"Girder Type Frame"

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Historic - Industrial Narrow Gauge Railway - Geared Steam Locomotive which worked on the Alishan Forest Railway, Taiwan.

Physical description

geared steam locomotive - Class: A 18-2 ( 2-cylinders / 2-trucks Class A ) - made of wood and iron and wrought iron, Glass

Inscriptions & markings