Historical information

William Box was born in 1834 in Withyham , Sussex England and married Elizabeth Avis 13th November 1854 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent England. Elizabeth Avis was the daughter of Thomas and Eleanor aka Ellen Avis nee Robinson . In 1855 they sailed to Australia aboard the SS Omega.
At first they rented a block of land on Jasper Road East Brighton ( now McKinnon / Ormond). that was part of the Henry Dendy Special Survey 1841. An early settlers’ hut on the site became their home and they farmed the land and were soon able to purchase the block. They raised 13 children and the Cottage was extended as required.
In 1984 that early settler cottage was found in a dilapidated state by Laurie Lewis, in his Timber Yard in Jasper Rd Ormond.. The Moorabbin City Council, Federal Government, Mr Lewis and CMHS members reconstructed the Cottage in 1985 .


Box Cottage Museum, a reconstruction of an early settler hut, is named after the Box family who resided there 1865 -1913 . The William Box and Elizabeth Avis Box raised 13 children and lived in the early settler cottage and farmed on the block of land in Jasper Road, East Brighton ( now McKinnon / Ormond) that was part of the Henry Dendy Special Survey 1841

Inscribed in Album “ The early photos in this album were found by Mr (Laurie) Lewis when he was demolishing the Old Box Cottage. He gave them to Mrs Avis Box Eldridge who in turn gave them to me. They were not identified. I believe they rightly belong in the Cottage. I have attempted to identify them and present them in a way they can be preserved as a historical record of the era.” A B Leigh

Physical description

A black and white photograph of Elizabeth Avis Box who married William Box 1854

Inscriptions & markings

ALBUM "Australian Coat of Arms" PORTRAIT