Historical information

Anna Box 1849- 1919 was born in Withyham, Sussex England had her 7th birthday en route from Liverpool to Australia.
George Box 1808-1867 of Sussex England, married Mary Cripps in 1831 and with 3 three of their 4 four sons and 3 three of their 4 four daughters left Liverpool in the Sailing Ship 'Atlanta' in March 1856 to begin a new life in Melbourne, Victoria , Australia. Their baby daughter Cecilia Lydia died a few days later. Caroline Box, the eldest daughter, remained in England working as a cook until she joined the family in Australia in 1863. William Box 1834-1902, the eldest son of George Box, married Elizabeth Avis 1833- 1914 and they resided in Box Cottage 1865 -1914 where they established a market garden and raised 13 children. William and Elizabeth had emigrated in 1854 so George worked on their market garden before setting up in Patterson Road. Sadly Mary drowned in a water hole only 4 months after their arrival in Brighton. It is supposed that Elizabeth helped George raise the children while he established his market garden. George died from Tetanus following an infected broken leg caused by falling from his dray in 1867.
Anna was a dressmaker and in 1881 she married Henry Pay , a painter, from London and they had 3 children . In 1907 the family lived on a 30acre property in Ringwood which Anna bequeathed to her children. – Beatrice, Norman and Laura. In 1911 they moved to Surrey Hills where Anna died in 1919. Henry died in 1935 in Montrose where he was living with his son Norman Henry Pay, a farmer .


Box Cottage Museum, a reconstruction of an early settler hut, is named after the Box family who resided there 1865 -1913 . William Box who, with his wife Elizabeth Avis Box and 13 children, lived and farmed on the block of land in Jasper Road, East Brighton ( now McKinnon / Ormond) that was part of the Henry Dendy Special Survey 1841. George Box 1808-1867 migrated in 1856 and worked with his son William Box until he established a market garden in Patterson Rd . East Brighton
( now Bentleigh). Anna Box –Pay was the 3rd daughter of George and Mary Box.

Physical description

2 black and white photographs that may be of A ) Anna Box and B) her husband Henry Pay

Inscriptions & markings

A) nil
B) J P LIND Photo 82 Swanston St.