Historical information

These two framed model ship plans are from more than 650 produced for the LOCH ARD Centenary (1878-1978) Commemoration Committee. These plans were originally researched, designed and distributed in 1977 to assist entrants in the Committee’s Ship Model Competition. The competition was arranged as a means of creating public interest and awareness for the 100th anniversary of the tragic LOCH ARD shipwreck on Victoria’s south west coast in 1878. The main subject specified for modelling was “The Loch Ard ― Iron Wool Clipper 1873”.
“The plans were drawn by Mr P Webb to the order of the Committee through Mr P Williams, organizer of the competition. The details were based on all available information which resulted in considerable historical research…and received favourable comment from model makers because of their attention to detail…In excess of 650 sets of plans were sold before entries closed…Many plans were probably purchased by collectors and interested persons for historical reference. An illustrated historical story sheet…was prepared and enclosed with the plans…” (‘Loch Ard Shipwreck Centenary 1878-1978 Report’, November 1978).
An example of the attention to historical detail delivered on the plans is the inclusion of the following useful information about the original vessel: “Tonnage….1,693 G.R.T., 1,624 N.R.T. Builders….Charles Connell & Co., Ltd., Scotstoun, 1873. Owners….General Shipping Co., Glasgow, (Aitken Lilburn & Co., Ltd.)”. The quality of research and drafting makes these framed copies of considerable interpretive value to related items from the LOCH ARD shipwreck on display at Flagstaff Hill. They were originally mass produced but are now out of print. Flagstaff Hill retains other (unframed) copies in storage.


The plans, in conjunction with the scale Ship Model of the LOCH ARD also on display, are of interpretive significance to Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village. The plans provide historical and technological context to artefacts from the shipwreck, increasing understanding and appreciation of those objects.
Flagstaff Hill’s collection of artefacts from LOCH ARD is significant for being one of the largest collections of artefacts from this shipwreck in Victoria. It is significant for its association with the shipwreck, which is on the Victorian Heritage Register (VHR S417). The collection is significant because of the relationship between the objects, as together they have a high potential to interpret the story of the LOCH ARD.

The LOCH ARD collection is archaeologically significant as the remains of a large international passenger and cargo ship. The LOCH ARD collection is historically significant for representing aspects of Victoria’s shipping history and its potential to interpret sub-theme 1.5 of Victoria’s Framework of Historical Themes (living with natural processes). The collection is also historically significant for its association with the LOCH ARD, which was one of the worst and best known shipwrecks in Victoria’s history.

Physical description

Two framed model ship plans of the LOCH ARD. These are detailed and researched plans from the original vessel, drawn to scale and printed on good quality paper, and framed behind glass to be hung on display. One slightly smaller plan “Lines, Decks and Details” portrays the hull lines as a body plan (straight on at the bow), a sheer plan (full side view), and a half breadth plan (a top-down view of deck to keel), as well as two top-down views of the upper decks and main deck with fittings and details of specific fixtures. One slightly larger “Sail and Rigging Plan” presents a side on, above deck view of masts and shrouds and a front on, above deck view showing “Elevation of Mainmast Looking Aft”. Each plan bears the draftsman’s initials and date of completion (“P.A.W. 10/77”). The larger plan also includes a boxed label attributing the project to the “LOCH ARD CENTENARY Commemoration Committee Ship Model Competition.”

Inscriptions & markings

Smaller plan: heading “LOCH ARD: LINES, DECKS and DETAILS”; initials “P.A.W. 10/77”. Larger plan: heading “LOCH ARD: SAIL and RIGGING PLAN”; initials “P.A.W. 10/77”; label “LOCH ARD CENTENARY Commemorative Committee Ship Model Competition”.