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Document - Memoir - Memories of Tatura

From the Collection of Tatura Irrigation & Wartime Camps Museum 49 Hogan Street Tatura VIC

13 page document, A4 paper. 7 pages of English translation, 6 pages German original.
30 x 21cm
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world war ii, internee camps, civilian internees, german internees, camp 3, tatura, new guinea, strauss, stuerzenhofecker
Historical information
An account of the author's family background & early life, more particularly those events leading to their internment in Tatura, Victoria, Australia during World War 2. The author's parents (author Hermine Wedel, nee Strauss) were of German nationality & practicing as missionaries in New Guinea. Upon the outbreak of WW2, those German nationals were ordered to the coast by the Australian authorities and the men were transported to internment camps in Australia. The women remained behind, reporting regularly to the authorities, until they too were brought to camps in Australia at the end of 1941. They were eventually reunited in a family camp for internees, Camp 3 at Tatura, in 1943. They were released from the camp to work in Australia in 1947 and the family returned to New Guinea in 1949, and eventually went back to Germany. The author also briefly recounts her marriage & married life in Brazil & Germany.
When Made
July 2014
Made By
Hermine Wedel (Maker), Irene Ayres (Maker)
Last updated
2 May 2018 at 2:45PM